Ready to Fly Naked?

The sky's no limit, and some flights can be enjoyed as God intended.

You can unfasten a whole lot more than your safety belt when you reach a comfortable cruising altitude.

The most talked about nude flight took place in May of 2003. The Federal Aviation Administration refused to weigh in on flying nude. "It's not a safety issue."

It seemed only natural that they would offer a clothing-optional flight for travelers who want to get naked as soon as their vacations begin. Passengers had to remain clothed in the airport. But once the aircraft reached cruising altitude everyone could get nude except the crew. The crew remained clothed "for safety reasons."

The inaugural flight of the clothing-optional charter service called Naked Air allowed 90 passengers, paying $499 a seat, to shed their clothes after boarding in Miami for a flight to Cancun, Mexico.

Special accomodiatons were made to keep the cabins at a warm temperature, rather than the notoriously cold they usually are. Once at cruising altitude the clothes came off and were kept in overhead bins or under the seats. All passengers received a commemorative towel to document their experience — and prevent their bare bottom from touching the seat.

Decorame was maintained the nude flight did not permit the passengers to join the Mile High Club. To prevent any danerous spills, no hot coffee was served.

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